Our Loan Programs

Stated Doc Program 
For self-employed borrowers who do not show very much personal income on taxes or borrowers who have not filed taxes. Low-cost third-party options.

  • Loan Amounts $500 thousand to $2 million
  • Purchases and refinances
  • 80% LTV purchases & refinances
  • Up to 10-Year fixed rate
  • 30-Year amortizations
  • Down payment from home equity lines or other secured loans
  • ​Seller can pay closing costs up to 3% of purchase price

Full Doc Program 
Ideal for borrowers who need low-rate options with the ability to take cash-out loans throughout term.

  • Loan amounts $750 thousand to $100 million
  • Purchases and refinances
  • 30-year amortizations
  • Assumable
  • Interest-only options
  • Buy-downs available for even lower rates than posted on web site
  • Lowest rates available for low LTV and high DSCR properties

Bridge, Hard Money Program
Gives owners the flexibility to reposition and stabilize properties.

  • Loans $4.5 million and up
  • Aggressive terms and underwriting 
  • 1-to 5-year terms

Loan Features

Low Down Payment
Most programs allow you to put as little as 20% down. 

Greatly lower your monthly payments.
Our interest-only loans have a 1 to 3 year for borrowers with a 700+ credit score. If you do not know your credit score, call us and we will pull your credit for free. Please call your loan professional for details. 

Stated Income/No PDTI
Unlike most local bank loans, we have programs that do not calculate your personal debt-to-income, net worth-to-loan, or liquidity-to-loan ratios. If you have either lower than average income on tax returns, higher than average personal debt, or both, your loan qualification can be based upon property performance and condition. 

Service Features

We will provide you with a comprehensive letter pre-approving you, and the income of the property. There will typically be some amount of information exchange in the beginning of the process. This is normal. Other lenders may quote you based on extremely limited or unclear information, which makes the quote worthless. We provide the highest-quality proposals possible to ensure that borrowers receive the originally quote terms. Our pre-approvals have over a 95% success rate of funding as proposed.

Free Consultation 
Think of your loan officer as your loan coach. We will provide you with a free consultation on your investment strategies. We will assist you by analyzing cash-flow and operations. We can analyze an unlimited number of properties that you are considering for purchase. We will be your resource for commercial real estate investment, as well as guide you through the loan process.

Free Credit Report
We will pay for a tri-merge credit report (a report showing all three credit bureaus), a $50 value. This feature is available on all programs offered.